Policies and Procedures


Poulsbo Leikarringen expects its students to attend a minimum of three out of every four classes. We request that you notify teachers concerning absences. Absences can be excused with permission of parent and agreement of teacher. Because each class builds on skills and activities from previous classes, absences may affect a student’s participation in the program.

On Time Behavior                                                         

Students are expected to arrive on time to classes, ready to participate. Running around, climbing on furniture and walls, and other such behavior in the time before class will not be permitted.

Early Pick-ups

Early pick-ups must be arranged with the teacher. Class time is valuable and important instruction and information is often given at the end of class.

Student Check in/Check out

                Parents must check in students at the beginning of class, indicating on the check in sheet whether or not they will be remaining at the lodge for the duration of their child’s class. At the end of class, parents are also required to check their student out.


Illness and Emergencies

If a student becomes ill during class, a parent will be contacted to pick up the student. If a parent cannot be reached, our staff will call the emergency contact listed on the registration form. In case of serious illness or accident, every effort will be made to reach the parent and the contacts listed on the registration form. If no one can be reached, we will take the necessary actions for the health of your child. In the event of an emergency, 911 will be called first.

Dress Code

                Shoe RequirementsStudents are asked to wear neat, clean clothes to class. Sleeves should be pulled up and away from hands and long hair should be held out of face or worn up. Appropriate dance shoes should be worn to class – tennis shoes, boots, and open toed sandals or flip-flops will not be allowed. All shoes should be clean and free of dirt, mud and gravel.


Students are expected and required to attend all performances for their class. To participate in a performance, students must have attended three out of the last four classes, unless prior arrangements are made with the teacher. Repeat absences from performances may result in asking the parent and student to reevaluate their participation in the program.

Class 5 students wishing to participate in the program’s yearly trip to Canada must attend all December, January and February classes.

Class Behavior – Parents

If you wish to sit in the room while your child has class, we request that you and any other children with you be quiet.  There are some classrooms that are not large enough to accommodate many parents. In that case, we request that you sit in the hall or lobby.

Class Behavior – Students

Incident Levels

                Students are expected to be engaged, respectful and considerate of others. Everybody dances with everybody – students are not allowed to play favorites or refused to dance with others.

Responses to misbehavior will be in proportion to the behavior itself. Level 1 incidents will result in correction (remind, redirect, reinforce) and possibly a small time out. Level 2 incidents will result correction, time out and communication with parents. Level 3 incidents will result in immediate suspension from program, along with meetings with parents and any other appropriate response. Attentiveness and regular attendance are expected. We need full cooperation between each dancer and the teacher. Folk dancing is a true group effort, and missing classes or refusing to cooperate and learn with the rest of the class will be taken seriously.

Those with repeat incidents may be asked to complete a behavior contract between the student, parent and teachers. If no improvement is shown, they may be asked to consider their desire to continue involvement in the program. Students who repeatedly show themselves to be behind the level of their peers, as well as students who show no interest in dance, hinder both the teachers and other students. They may be asked to move another class on a case by case basis.

Please carefully evaluate your student’s level of interest and attention when enrolling them. Consider quietly attending several classes to review their participation throughout the year.

Behavior outside of class

Children who are not currently in class must be supervised and quiet. Rough-housing is not allowed.

Evacuation Policy

In case of an earthquake or fire, all students, parents and teachers will assemble around the flagpoles and Viking statue at the Waterfront Park, directly in front of the Son’s.