Class 3

Class 3 is for intermediate dancers, grades 3-5. Here, dancers learn how to buzz, chain, change partners, and other more advanced footwork.

Teachers: Tess Doornink and Alisha Anunson
Time: 4:30-5:30
Location: Norse Room

All students are expected to abide by Poulsbo Leikarringen’s Policies and Procedures.

Bunads: Poulsbo Leikarringen will provide a basic bunad for all students. There will be a $20 deposit on bunad loans. Parents will need to provide:


  • Opaque white tights, to be worn under knickers. (Some call them sock-tights) Cotton tights are preferable.
  • Black dress shoes. Tennis shoes are not an acceptable substitute. If at all possible, the soles should be non-marking.


  • Opaque white tights. (No nylons!)
  • Black dress shoes. These must stay securely on the feet (no ballet flats or similar styles) and have less than a 1/2″ heel. No glitter, rhinestones or other distracting elements.